I haven’t gone shopping in a while. Strange for a shopaholic, no? It’s not that I haven’t been tempted. The temptation’s always there, always!

But I’m training myself not to be an impulse shopper. Not that there’s really anything wrong with that. Impulsive shopping makes me happy. It’s like striking a lottery, ya know :lol: .

Truth is I’ve got clothes and stuff that I’ve bought and not even worn yet. So yeah, I’m feeling guilty that they’re all sitting there in a whole section of my closet and I don’t quite know what to do with them… yet!

Regain your youthfulness

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Darn this weather

Can you believe the weird weather this winter? It seems every time I plan something for the weekend, the weather decides to play yet another trick. I’ve been planning to go do some shopping since spring is, well, just around the corner. Or can I even hope that, now that the weather is toying with us?

I’ve decided to stop planning anything and just go online shopping instead. That way, the weather can’t spoil my plans for me, heh heh.

Crazy weather

I think it’s becoming increasingly clear that Mother Nature must be furious with us. I mean, why else do these crazy storms and freaky weather persist? Just when you thought one storm is over, another one starts up. What a mess! Traffic accidents, power cuts, people stranded…

I’m completely shocked at how badly snowed in some places are, not to mention how it has disrupted and taken lives as well. The way I see it, all that snow-clearing equipment isn’t even going to be enough. At some point, they’ll wear down and folks would have to go to ReidSupply to source for spare parts to maintain all those snow plows and such.

I sure hope all this crazy weather blows over soon and everything goes back to normal.

How often do you grocery shop?

My grocery shopping routine has changed. Instead of weekly, I now do groceries once a fortnight. That’s good because it forces me to plan a little further ahead than I usually do. Then again, sometimes it’s hard to plan as I’m limited by freezer space. Buying for two weeks means I have to cart home double the stuff I usually buy and that is a lot.

How often do you grocery shop?

Heart shapes

I’m seeing a slew of heart-shaped everything. Who doesn’t like heart-shaped stuff? Well, I certainly do, from heart-shaped cupcakes to pendants, I’m in.

Although I think Valentine’s is way too commercialized these days, I have nothing against hearts. What heart-shaped items do you own?

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