Bonuslink points expire without warning

I was furious when I discovered that 2000 of my Bonuslink points had expired without me knowing. Gone, just like that! WTH!

It would’ve been nice if they’d given me fair warning, like via email, for instance. I mean, isn’t that what being online means? Unless they’re from another planet?

It’s not like we would login and check every other day, you know. So there must be some way they can notify us ahead of time. Guess not!

At any rate, I was hopping mad because I desperately need a new Tefal saucepan and I’m like a few hundred points short. And man, what a time to lose 2000 points!

Then I discovered there’s this page where they list down how many points are going to expire by what date. Shouldn’t that be on the main page so I can see it when I login, not hidden several screens deep?

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