Metrojaya voucher gets me a new handbag

I had an rm50 voucher from Metrojaya that’s going to expire soon. So yesterday, I had to go to Midvalley out of desperation. I try not to go to Midvalley on the weekend because the parking and crowds drive me nuts.

But yesterday, I had no choice. Worse still, I had DH and Steev with me. They’re not the most patient shoppers so the girls and I were really under pressure on how to spend that rm50.

I wanted a handbag and they’ve got lots at Metrojaya, just that they weren’t actually my taste. So after browsing the handbag section and finding nothing I liked, we went to the ladies’ section. Nothing there either. Then the shoes section. Nothing there either.

The clock was ticking and we knew my phone was going to ring anytime once the guys got bored reading magazines at MPH. So I decided I’d just buy the handbag we’d seen earlier which I don’t really like, but what the heck, it’s free, right?

It’s a Beverly Hills Polo bag at 50% off. But when I asked the promoter to write it up for me, she said it’s 80% off. Woot! I was so happy. But the guys weren’t. That whole episode took 2 hours and they were saying, how can buying a handbag take so long, it’s not like you were looking for compatible tape drives that can only run on an obsolete machine! Duh!