Beat them to it

Pinch me, I can’t believe we’ve left 2011 behind and that the festivities are over for another year. How quick the holidays went! No, I need more time. I’d barely really kicked back yet and now it’s over and we’re back to the grind?

Over the last few days of 2011, I did a major round of shopping. It’s what I usually do at the end of the year, replenishing my stocks of toiletries, dry foods and everyday stuff that we use. Yes, filled up my gas even. It’s not unusual around here for prices to go up at the turn of the new year. Perfect excuse, right?

So I make it a point to try and maximize on the old prices before they go up. Make sense? I think so. If it’s stuff we use every day, I think it makes even more sense to stock up and save some.