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the lion dances have started

The lion dances have started. These days, they start early even before Chinese New Year. I watched my first one this year at 1 Utama last weekend. It was brilliant as usual. I think it’s our international lion dance champions performing there. Sorry I don’t know the name of the troupe.

Gotta love how the lion sails effortlessly through the air to land ever so softly on the next set of raised stilts. I haven’t uploaded the photos I took last weekend but here’s one I took last year of the same lion dance troupe at their best.

Chinese New Year lion dance

If you happen to be shopping at 1 Utama this weekend, be sure to check out the lion dance schedule.

Shopping Confession contest – ‘fess up and win!

Just when you thought your holiday shopping is over, there’s a contest over at that can win you up to $33,000 in prizes! eBillMe is a secure way to pay for your online shopping and it’s free.

To participate in the Shopping Confession Contest, all you have to do is confess your shopping story in text, video or pictures. So maybe you’ve made a secret purchase or indulged in a forbidden purchase, now it’s time to ‘fess up… and win!

View the eBillMe video to find out how the contest works.

Celebrity judges are waiting in the wings to see your entry. Oh, and please remember to quote my blog URL,, in your entry form so I can win some prizes too :wink: .

Good luck and may we all come out winners.

geek meet

My son met up with his old friend from school yesterday. With both of them in college now and pursuing different courses, they have a hard time arranging for a common time to meet up.

My son will be starting his new semester at college next week while his friend has just completed his college exams and started his vacation last week.

So they were out for a full six hours yesterday at the mall but they did no shopping at all. They spent the entire time playing pool, watching a movie and eating out.

They traded stories about their favorite websites and how much notebook computer memory they’ve got now that they’re online so much doing their research and term papers.

Trust these two geeks to talk about nothing else. but. technology! I wouldn’t fallen asleep if I’d been there :lol: But it sounds like they had a great time and that’s all that matters when good friends meet.

Twilight, the queen’s way

My daughters watched the movie Twilight with their friends last week. Apparently it’s such a popular movie you have to have booked your movie tickets way, way ahead of time. Quite honestly, I had no intention of watching it.

My girls told me the story (they read the book) and I quickly decided a story about a girl falling in love with a vampire wasn’t my cup of tea :lol: . So I decided to stay home with my son.

As it turned out, his friend has lent him the DVD and he was going to watch it alone in his room and asked if I’d like to watch it with him. Why not?

Of course, we don’t have a home theater, so no fancy puffed-up reclining chairs or home theater sconces but it’s nice to sit back on my son’s bed. With all his cushy pillows propping me up and an iced tea in hand, I felt like a queen.

drama that never ends

I asked a friend to go shopping with me. I usually shop with my kids and end up buying nothing because they’re too impatient and I feel uncomfortable having people wait for me while I try on clothes, etc.

Of all the people I chose to ask, I had to ask someone who hardly ever goes shopping but spends most of her time chained to her home entertainment center watching Korean dramas.

Granted it boasts newly refurbished home theater seating, I still can’t understand how she can sit there all day. Is that even good for health? :lol:

As for me, I love shopping too much. You won’t find me glued to some drama series that never ends. It’s true those episodes run in the hundreds and there’s really no end to them. All the storylines are pretty much the same so where’s the fun in that?

free movies, here we come

This must be our lucky stretch. We’ll be going to watch The Incredible Hulk and I just can’t wait to get my hands on those free movie tickets.

Over the past couple of weeks, we got free tickets to see Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (which was a great movie) and SuperHero Movie (which was less than a great movie).

But see, in these times of runaway prices, we have to be ‘cheap’, free is even better. It’s a bonus, um, something akin to life insurance no medical exam maybe :lol: .