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impressive lion dances

Posted by clair on eventstalk shop

We managed to catch the last lion dance performance last weekend before they wrap up for this Chinese New Year. It was really neat to see lively lions leaping at great heights to the fiesty beat of drums.

I’m very impressed at the skills of the lion dance performance. The lion head is very heavy and it’s not easy to balance on high poles. I mean, what do these guys eat to be that good??! Or are they fitted with Mopar performance parts that make them so fearless when leaping about at such heights?


city to ourselves

Posted by clair on events

The roads are clear and the malls were half-deserted and we’ve got the entire city to ourselves. Most of the stores are closed and anyone who’s even looking to visit the drugstore may well have ended up resorting to home treatment for hemorrhoids and other minor problems instead.

We were there only to find a place to have a quick dinner. I cooked a big lunch and really wasn’t going to wear myself cooking dinner as well. So me and the kids decided, against our better judgement, to hit the malls on the eve of the festivities. Luckily there were a few restaurants still open!


Happy V-Day!

Posted by clair on events

Happy Valentine’s Day! Frankly this year, with Chinese New Year falling on February 14, the idea of Valentine’s Day was completely pushed to the background for many of us who are celebrating CNY.

All I can say is that a double celebration calls for double the amount of good food and fun. I wouldn’t worry about the quick weight loss bit. Just eat, drink and be merry and when the festivities are over and the stress begins, your weight will work itself out :lol: .


no rush yet

Posted by clair on eventstalk shop

Woo-hoo, the weekend is here and that officially makes it a couple of weeks to Chinese New Year. I still haven’t done any shopping to that end but I can sure see hordes of folks getting into the thick of decorating their homes with lanterns, buying discount rugs to lay across their doorways to welcome guests and hogging tins of cookies and festive delicacies in readiness for all the cooking and eating that’s customary this time of year. We typically celebrate on a small scale so there’s no rush yet :grin: .


quieter this year

I’ve noticed that the malls seem to be quieter this year. Could it be the bad economic situation we’re having that people are perhaps in less of a mood to celebrate?

Whatever it is, I think it’s really up to the mall management to hire business plan consultants to ensure they keep everyone’s spirits up. I don’t know but isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work?

Instead the malls seem to be doing their best to drive customers away by turning down the air-conditioning to cut cost (when it’s 100 degrees outside), having ‘real’ sales (not hyped up ones) and more attractive promotions.


one excuse out the window

Posted by clair on eventsgift ideas

It’s hard to believe but we’re two months from Christmas. That isn’t a whole lot of time to get cracking on the holiday planning now, is it? Every year it just gets harder to buy gifts because it seems like we’ve bought everything there is to buy :lol: .

But there’s one thing we can all look forward to and personally, it’s those christmas photo cards that make the holiday season that much more personal.

These days with photo-taking being a daily activity (almost), there are no more excuses not to be able to come up with a personable family photo, which used to be my excuse. I don’t think I’ll be able to get away with this excuse any more :wink: .

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