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Worst meal ever

We just had the worst meal ever. The food was bland and boring. I’m sure any of us can cook better at home.

To top it off, the lady boss who took our order recommended a huge crockpot dish, the size of which we didn’t know until the giant pot arrived. We’d ordered 3 other dishes and clearly it was more than any family could consume at one sitting.

Before we even called for the check, their staff descended on us and started clearing the table and cleaning up which forced us all to stand up so they wouldn’t smack us with their elbows, etc while attempting to clear the dishes. Too rude!


Fun and fortune

We bought a huge pack of fortune cookies a while back. We’d almost forgotten about it until it fell out of the pantry. Yup, that’s us, buying stuff and then conveniently forgetting all about it.

Fortune cookies are fun to open after a meal. Everyone’s eager to find out what their bit of paper says and then when it’s read out, we all have a good laugh.


We went to one of our usual restaurants for dinner last night. I think we’ve been their customers for years, since they opened goodness knows when. Strange as it may sound, though we eat there like once every couple of weeks, they still don’t know that we don’t like nuts, we like our eggs well done and we need extra servings of fish sauce each time.

Every single time that we go there, we have to repeat these same things over and over to them again. Mind you, the staff are all the same ones, so no excuse that they are new and don’t recognize us. Oh and speaking of recognition, the staff there look at us each time like they’ve never seen us before.

How’s that for super annoying customer service?

Bakery gone

The cake store where I used to buy all my birthday cakes is gone. Closed down. So hard to believe that I was there only 3 years ago and it was doing brisk business. They do make pretty good cakes albeit a little too sweet.

I had to drive around to look for another bakery that sells decent cakes. I still can’t believe it’s closed down, just like that. What a shame!

Almost Thanksgiving

Well, Thanksgiving is next week if you can believe that. I’m pretty sure everyone’s getting all set with their travel plans and Thanksgiving menu, right? Except me, of course. I haven’t done a thing yet and that’s because we don’t have to travel and Thanksgiving dinner is basically just the few of us here.

So nothing too fancy for us. But even then, we can’t wait ‘cos we really love the chance to sit around and enjoy a golden roast turkey with all the trimmings and sides. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Ripped off

We took some friends out for dinner last night and got ripped off. It’s a restaurant that none of us have been to in a long while. Maybe for good reason, except that we wish we’d thought of it earlier. I’ve only been there once myself so I really had no recollection of how bad it would be.

And bad it was. They overcharged us by an arm and a leg. The food was clearly not the best and definitely overpriced. Well, guess what? You can cheat your customers once but note that we’re never going back there, period! And we’re going to tell our friends. So was the rip-off worth it? Think again.