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Running with cars

Like many little boys, my son was a big car enthusiast when he was little. He had a whole fleet of toy cars in his collection that he would spend his afternoons arranging and rearranging and sending them off on pretend races.

When he got a little older, we bought him a remote control car for his birthday. He was overjoyed. We’d take him to the park so he could run it. And now that summer is here and I’m seeing kids with their rc trucks at the park, I’m reminded of the good times.

Cell phone on the blink

My PDA phone has been acting up lately. Looks like I may soon be in the market for a new cell phone. To be quite honest, I don’t quite know what’s out there since technology moves so fast and it’s impossible to really keep up.

I just want a simple cell phone. I may regret saying this later but anything that allows me to make and receive calls is enough for me. But I’d probably end up buying something a bit more fancy like maybe the htc which I hear is pretty good.

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in need of new groove

My music player rattled to its death a couple of months ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. I’m a frequent at the gym and before my music player gave out, I used to bring it to the gym all the time. Music kept me company while I was on the cardiovascular equipment. It hasn’t bothered me that I haven’t gotten myself a new mp3 but recently I’ve been thinking about getting one.

plain vanilla cell phone

Seeing as how my cell phone rarely ever rings, it’s safe to say that to me, cell phones are purely for making calls, emergency ones at that. Mine is a monthly plan phone and as you might’ve guessed, there are lots of features I don’t even know how to use. Sad, isn’t it?

I like to keep my cell phone plain and uncluttered with no cell phone case and certainly none of those cell phone accessories dangling off it. It’s hard enough to find my phone when it rings inside my handbag, let alone get all entangled with it :lol: .