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Tidying up

I keep forgetting that the store in the mall near our house is closed for renovations. I almost went there last weekend to pick up some boxes. I’ve been telling the girls that we need to tidy up some stuff around the house. We need nice boxes with covers so we can stash those things away.

Now I guess I have to drive further away to another store to shop. Hmm, not this week though, probably we can try to make a trip during the weekend when the stores usually have promotions. I’m not a fan of paying regular prices when I can get stuff at a discount.

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Best thing ever

One of the things I love most about a kitchen is the disposal. I think that’s probably one of the neatest inventions someone could come up with. Without it, you would have to place all the wet vegetable ends or egg shells or fruit peel into a plastic bag to be disposed of.

With a disposal, you just dunk everything into the sink, turn on the kitchen faucet, flip the switch and everything gets “brrr”ed away easy! Love it!

Rolling up your sleeves

I was strolling around a large home improvement store the other day, totally amazed at all the construction items they stock. Frankly I can’t imagine building or renovating my own home without goggles, safety gloves and other protective gear because I’d be so worried about hurting myself.

Yes, for those of us who can’t tell the diffference between a nut and a bolt, that’s how it feels to be looking at the possibility of buying home improvement items. Are you someone who’s comfortable rolling up your sleeves and doing it yourself?

Christmas shopping almost done!

We spent the entire weekend shopping till we dropped. We recently stumbled upon a new mall on the outskirts of town that we’d been wanting to check out. And we did!

And what a find it was! There were so many stores to explore that it sure looked like we bought up everything in sight. If there were those spa covers I’ve been looking, I’m sure I would’ve snapped them up in no time too.

But we only ended up buying clothes, clothes and more clothes. Now everyone’s happy and contented that our Christmas shopping is almost done, dare I say :wink: ?