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rebate with Tesco coupons

I finally remembered to use my Tesco coupons after carrying them around in my handbag for weeks. It’s a good thing too or they would’ve expired by the time I got to them.

I think they send the coupons by snail mail every month based on how many points you’ve collected on your Tesco Club Card. I got a few dollars’ worth of coupons last month but forgot to use them, so they’ve expired.

It’s a rather neat system where you present the coupons to get a rebate. You also get a few discount coupons for buying certain items at a reduced price.

Bonuslink points expire without warning

I was furious when I discovered that 2000 of my Bonuslink points had expired without me knowing. Gone, just like that! WTH!

It would’ve been nice if they’d given me fair warning, like via email, for instance. I mean, isn’t that what being online means? Unless they’re from another planet?

It’s not like we would login and check every other day, you know. So there must be some way they can notify us ahead of time. Guess not!

At any rate, I was hopping mad because I desperately need a new Tefal saucepan and I’m like a few hundred points short. And man, what a time to lose 2000 points!

Then I discovered there’s this page where they list down how many points are going to expire by what date. Shouldn’t that be on the main page so I can see it when I login, not hidden several screens deep?

one-week wait for redemption

Raine wanted to redeem a cute little toy for her cousin yesterday, so we stopped by the J Card center to look at the catalog. We found what we wanted and we were all set to redeem.

I saw the toy in the glass cupboard and asked to take a look at it first before redeeming. Okay, it was cute enough and we were sure we wanted it. That’s when we were told that it takes 3-4 weeks for the order to come in.

I didn’t know we have to order the items ahead of time, and then go back and collect them in like a month. Did it use to be like this? I remember having done an instant redemption before. Maybe they only have stock for certain fast-moving items.

At any rate, we were a tad disappointed. We wanted the toy now so we ended up going to buy one instead of redeeming it.

a redemption card freak

I was going through my wallet and I’ve just realized how many redemption cards I’ve collected. Yep, all the major ones like Bonuslink, Real Rewards, Tesco Clubcard, One Card.

The only one I haven’t got is the Metrojaya card. My Isetan card expired years ago, I never got it renewed but it looks like I might have to now since they’ve opened up at The Gardens at Midvalley.

Then there are the paid subscription cards like the Popular Card and J Card. I don’t like the idea of having to pay for them but then I do use them a lot.

Are you a card collector? What cards do you have?

RealRewards points for shopping at Carrefour

real rewards cardFor all you point collectors out there, Carrefour is now accepting the Real Rewards and Kad Mesra cards.

You get 1 point for every rm1 spent which is not a bad deal at all. I shop at Carrefour occasionally.

And finally, here’s a good reason for me to carry my Real Rewards card in my wallet and not lose it every other day since I hard use it.

Before this, I’ve never actually found a real use for my Real Rewards card because it’s usually not accepted at places where I like to shop. So although I’ve had this card for a long time, I probably only have a few points in it.

Tesco Clubcard

I went to Tesco last week on a Tuesday, I think, and they were signing up people for their new ClubCard.

It seems they’ve stopped accepting BonusLink since just before the long weekend of August 31.

tescoclub-cardSo now for every rm2 that you spend, you accumulate 1 point which is equivalent to 1 cent.

Previously with BonusLink, it was 1 point for every rm4, according to the store clerk.

When you get to 150 points, they’ll send you a cash voucher that can be used when you shop there.

The ClubCard is free and you can apply for up to 2 supplementary cards. Just fill up the form (took me about 3 minutes) and they’ll give you the card right there that you can start using immediately.