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Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Treatment

Created by a team of scientists, PREVAGE Anti-aging Treatment is a revolutionary cosmeceutical treatment containing Idebenone, currently the most effective antioxidant* for addressing the visible signs of aging. Targets wrinkles, sun damage, age-spots, discoloration and proven to help improve the look of firmness, tone and radiance. Proof… not promises.
*When compared to alpha lipoic acid, kinetin, vitamin C, vitamin E, and coenzyme Q10.

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Going cheap, eh?

My dad called from the mall to say that he saw some bathroom tissue on sale. A big sale apparently! Of only bathroom tissue? No, never mind, I didn’t ask. He just wanted me to get down there and load up my minivan with all the bathroom tissue I can carry.

Oh boy! Yes, like I said, the store near my house is getting set to undergo a major renovation exercise so I guess they’re trying to get rid of stock by selling them cheap. How cheap? I won’t know till I get down there tomorrow. Let’s hope there’s still some stuff left for me to haul away :wink: .

finally books we thought, not!

We went to the MP*H book warehouse sale against our better judgement. Their sales are never very cheap and every time we go, we seem to come back with hardly any books. It’s been like that the past few times so we’ve given up.

We eventually went because the kids are so starved of new books to read and we haven’t been to a single book sale since I don’t know when. So finally I agreed to take them. But the checkout lines were so long and the place was so stuffy we decided to dump the books and leave without buying. We won’t be going again.

grouping purchases vs spreading them out

Over the holidays, I went to Guardian Pharmacy a few times and bought different stuff. They’re having this huge holiday sale on and everything from toothpaste to adult diapers were on discount.

You know I can never say no to a sale :wink: . But the lesson I learnt from my last few purchases is that I should make all of my purchases on one day instead of spreading them out over several purchases.

Then I would’ve gotten that ‘free gift for purchases over $x’ that they always have during the sales. But because I bought a little this time, I never qualified for the free gift which I would’ve if I’d accumulated my purchases to exceed $x.