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ripping customers off left and right

We’re on the family call package on Maxis which means we pay a certain amount each month to enjoy free cell phone calls and messages within our family and a bunch of their freebies.

Recently we discovered they’ve been charging us for calls and messages placed within our listed family members. Of course, we’re freakin’ mad because that’s outright cheating!!

Not only that, we’ve been receiving all sorts of phone spam coming through with promotions and ads we never requested to receive. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re charged for receiving those calls.

I won’t put it past these guys to have a whole department sitting there figuring out new and improved ways to rip their customers off any which way they can!

I’m in the process of looking up their toll free number though I doubt they would be so generous as to provide one, just before I barge into their office and give them a ticking off they won’t soon forget :mad: !

happy days

Woo-hoo, the internet connection is flying again the way it should be! I can’t believe it but I woke up Monday morning and was amazed at how much faster the pages were loading compared to the Sunday before.

Then sometime during the middle of the week, it got slow again but I was too busy ferrying my kids to/from school, etc to really care. I wasn’t online much those days anyways.

Then over the past two days, it speeded up again just in time for the weekend. And I’m like, great, now I won’t have to pay for my cruise ship tickets and travel insurance to go down to the Mediterranean Sea to fix those underwater internet cables myself :lol: !

Okay, so that was a joke but you can tell I’m smiling again! Happy days!

Pikom PC Fair 2008 is here again!

I guess it’s time to fill out my geeky shopping list now that the Pikom PC Fair is here again.

Yes, if you’re looking for geeky bargains and the latest gadgets, plan to be at the Pikom PC Fair today. It’ll be on at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center from 11:00am – 9:00pm, August 1 – 3, 2008.

I’m not sure what the crowd will be like now that the economy is forcing many to tighten their belts.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the latest technology at prices below what you can get outside with possibly a few freebies thrown in as well, then I guess the PC Fair is where you want to be. I’m just sayin’.

blogging beauty

I was complaining yesterday about blogging in my car that was parked out in the full force of the scorching evening sun.

Well, blogging in a toaster isn’t all bad. Not if you’re blogging with this baby!

Gosh, I love how slim and lightweight and pretty this HP 2133 Mini-note PC is. I can swing it from the back seat of my car without breaking my arm.

Actually I’m thinking it’ll probably fit into my handbag too. How neat it would be if I could blog from the mall, heheh! Nah, there’s a time and place for blogging and the mall just ain’t it! I value my shopping time!

blogging in a toaster

I was blogging in my car just now while waiting for my daughter at her tutor’s house. It’s a pretty new experience for me because I usually drop her off and pick her up later.

But now I have to try and save gas. So I practically had to set up my laptop in the backseat complete with my external hard drive that holds all of the stuff I need to access. Duh!

I wouldn’t have minded it so much if there’d been a less sunny spot to park my car. But there wasn’t so it got rather warm in the car with my engine switched off for an hour and half. I’m feeling a little toasted right now :lol: .

my thoughts on buying a computer

I know many people who think they’re saving themselves money by buying their computer piecemeal and then slowly adding on new devices and upgrading their system memory and hard disks little by little.

At the rate that programs are becoming more sophisticated and power-hungry, you’ll soon find your computer’s resources¬† won’t be enough to support what you want to do. An underpowered computer can really slow things down for you.

So I would much rather go with the latest model and put in enough capacity to run for one or two years at least. Yes, it’s going to cost more upfront but it will save you a lot of time and effort to be constantly upgrading.