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game to try house brands

I hardly ever pay attention to house brands simply because their plain, no-frills packaging have never caught my attention enough for me to take an interest in them. Lately I’ve noticed though that many people seem to be opting for house brands as they are the cheaper option.

I’ve heard they don’t taste as good but I just have to see for myself. So I bought Tesco’s house brand spaghetti to try. I cooked it today and found it contains more starch and the cooking time is longer. Tastewise, it’s true, it doesn’t taste as good as the regular brands that I’ve tried.

But then, with rising food costs, I reckon it’s time to shed my brand and store loyalties. I’m game to try a different brand, a different store whichever offers a cheaper, comparable product. No harm trying, right?

kids and supermarket carts

On another occasion, I saw a kid trying to climb out of a supermarket cart. His mother has placed him there probably to prevent him from running all over the place.

Fine but kids are highly mobile and should never be left unattended in a supermarket cart. First off, the cart is on wheels which doesn’t make it the most stable thing in the world.

Secondly, a child leaning out of a cart with wheels is very dangerous. He might fall out of it head-first or he could tip the cart over. Both are potentially hazardous to the child and he could be badly hurt.

I don’t understand why mothers allow their kids to stand in carts in the first place!

kids and plastic bags

I saw this kid with a plastic bag in his hand that he’d probably torn off the big rolls in the fresh produce section at the supermarket. His mom was nearby when he started putting the plastic bag on his head and pulling it over his face.

I saw them from afar and thought surely his mother would tell him to remove it. She looked at what he was doing and then moved on to the next aisle without saying a word! Um, hello? Plastic bags are fun but they’re a suffocation hazard.

how to save petrol money (2)

Folks out there would argue that we should be more worried about the domino effect of high fuel prices on the overall cost of living than about the high price of petrol per se. I say, we got to start somewhere and since saving petrol is within our control, that’s a great starting point, don’t you think?

I’ve got a few more tips here that I promised in addition to the ones I mentioned earlier:

Drive smoothly and avoid frequent accelerating and slowing down. Sudden jerks will consume more petrol.

Plan your travel logistics. This is what I do. I try to plan my errands such that I avoid making U-turns back or taking a longer route than necessary. Instead of running out to do one errand at a time, I tend to do them all in one run.

Carpool or walk. It isn’t always possible to do these. We have to adjust our timing or risk being the victims of snatch thieves. Duh! But if it works, then great.

Switch off your car engine when idling or waiting. Leaving the engine on consumes more petrol than restarting your car/

Just a few simple ways to save petrol and in doing so, save our pockets and the environment as well.

how to save petrol money (1)

Whoa, I tell you, this fuel price hike is a real slap in the face. I topped up my petrol tank the night before because I got smart and figured I’d better get one step ahead of everyone. So I stayed home while everyone else was lining up at the petrol pump last night.

Okay, enough, Ms Smarty Pants! Well, since public transport sucks, the big question right now is how to get more value for money on your petrol. Obviously if fuel prices are going to be reviewed up every month, we’ve got to figure out some long-terms ways to save petrol money.

Being a mommy who drives my kids around every day and grocery shop every weekend, I’ve got a few tips here to share on what I do to improve my petrol consumption and save money on petrol:

First off, maintain your tyre pressure. If it’s too low, your car will use up more petrol. I always get the petrol station guy to check for me when I pump petrol. Just tell him your car’s tyre pressure (check the owner’s manual or the sticker next to the driver’s seat) and he’ll check it and fill it up for you if necessary.

Also try to reduce the weight in your car by taking out all the unnecessary stuff you are driving around with in your back seat or boot. Like I used to have boxes of children’s books and shoes (in case I want to wear a different pair :lol: ). If your car is full of junk, it’s heavier and uses more petrol.

Try to drive at a steady speed of below 100 kmph. I drive rather slowly. I don’t speed. It’s a habit I developed since I always have children in my car and I’m concerned about safety rather than speed. Since it also helps to save petrol, it’s a nice bonus :wink: .

Try to pump your petrol in the morning or evening when the weather is cooler. That way, you get more petrol per litre when the petrol is less dense. Something I learnt from Physics in Form 5 :wink: .

So these are a few tips I want to share about how to save petrol money. When I have the time, I’ll write up the rest of the tips I’ve been using that have really helped me save money on petrol.

a car that runs on garbage, anyone?

I guess if anyone’s going to end up inventing a car that runs on garbage, the right time would be right about now when gas prices are at an all-time high and Mother Earth is slowly drowning in waste (not forgetting the number of rubbishy posts being churned out on a daily basis by our two-bit bloggers out there).

What better time to kill two birds with one stone than to invent a car that uses garbage as fuel! I mean, there’s practically no market research to be done at all. It’s clear as day that a car that runs on garbage is going to sell like hot cakes.

I’m not sure if any geniuses out there are already working on something like this. But if no one has thought of this yet, maybe it’s time to put that Form 5 Physics to good use, eh?