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set to buy up the stores

At around this time of year, I need to do a lot of shopping for Chinese New Year so I’m right in there comparing prices like there’s no tomorrow. There’s so much to buy for festive gifts and meals it’s the only wise thing to do if I want to get the best for less.

There are so many new malls to explore too and some of them are pretty far from the city where the prices are somewhat lower. Me and my handy dandy gps, we can’t wait to check them out this weekend! My shopping list is getting to be the length of my arm and I’m still not done yet. I just hope they have shopping carts big enough for me :lol: .

we’ll see how I go with this

I’m not sure yet but we may be going on a short vacation. Nothing fancy that will require us to invest in new luggage sets or anything, probably just a drive up the coast for a couple of days.

As usual, I’m late with getting the year-end vacation organized. Seems to be the procrastinator in me that more often than not, we wind up with the hotels being fully booked and not getting to go in the end :roll: .

So we’ll just have to see about the little plan I have in mind this time. Wish me luck and the will to get off my butt :lol: .

miss control freak!

My girl friend is visiting from overseas and quite honestly, I don’t remember her as being the control freak that she is now! Duh! She wants me to book her hotel so she can come to town to visit with me and we can just pretty much hang out.

So I run around and find some hotels near my house but none of them are within her budget apparently. The hotel she stayed in when she was here previously is fully booked and I can’t get it at the old rate if I were to book it offline. She said no, she’s not going to fork out an extra $18, so forget the whole deal!

And this is a woman who doesn’t make a beep no matter how much she has to pay for orlando hotels when she takes her kids on their annual theme park vacations. Go figure!

planning a short getaway

My kids have just reminded me how long it’s been since we went on vacation. They miss the excitement of stuff they don’t get to do at home like bouncing on hotel beds, soaking for hours in walk in tubs and eating out at every meal.

Truth be told, I miss those things too :lol: but right now, we are all so busy with different schedules of school and work that it’s hard to plan a synchronized trip.

But still it might be worthwhile just checking out the hotel rates and see if we can work around our schedules and find a time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

waiting for prices to fall from the roof

One of our cars is getting old and becoming quite costly to maintain. We’ve been wanting to buy a new car but we just can’t seem to agree on which one to buy.

Over the past half year, there’ve been lots of car promotions at the malls and we always stop by to check them out.

Our half-hearted attempts at seriously committing on any one car so far is partly because we’re hoping (and waiting) for car prices to drop next year when the economy is expected to further deteriorate (which we hope won’t happen).

Okay, wait, if car prices drop, will we be paying less for car insurance then? Hmm, we have to get some car insurance quotes to study and make a comparison.

See, there’s a lot more work to buying a car than just grabbing it off the shelf :lol: , the reason for our dire procrastination.

a staycation it is

The school holidays are here finally. Thank goodness for the break. School days are crazy and have gotten even more hectic of late.

I didn’t even have time to plan for a holiday. Well, the thought did occur to me but I just never got around to it.

I hear the Matta fair or something is/was going on where there are Brazil vacation packages and Mediterranean cruises going for a dime a dozen.

Okay so maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But there’s lots of vacation destinations to choose from.

But I’m not crazy enough to go to those fairs, not unless I want to get myself squished to a pulp, no thanks. So I guess a staycation it is for us! Yay!