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redeeming stuff is stressful

I still haven’t gotten over the disappointment of my Bonuslink points expiring without notice, and the fact that they don’t carry the Tefal brand any more. I went to Parkson to see what else I could redeem on the spot.

Lo and behold, they have a La Gourmet non-stick pan, exactly what I’m after. Sadly though, I don’t have enough points yet.

Worse yet, I had more points expiring in April which I had to use up. The machine at Shell wouldn’t work with any of the items I wanted. Apparently none of the redemption codes were valid except for Pepsi. So I was forced to redeem 3 bottles of Pepsi. Duh!

I figured if I keep using up my expiring points at the end of each month, I’d never have enough points to redeem my La Gourmet pan. So I went back to Parkson to redeem my points for RM50 vouchers.

Okay, here’s the lesson I learnt. RM50=4,900 points but if you take the RM10 vouchers, they only cost you 900 points each. This works out to be 4,500 points for RM50. So you actually save 400 points.

Unfortunately I only realized this after redeeming 2xRM50 vouchers which means I lost 800 points for nothing. I mean, who would’ve thought a smaller denomination would cost less? Why do people bother buying in bulk then if bulk is more expensive than single items? This kind of logic is totally beyond me!